Security & Investigations, is an Oklahoma owned and operated company. The Predatorian Security Agency Based in Ardmore, OK was founded in 1997 which began as a detective and investigations agency owned by Eydie M. Henson which then streamlined into the rapidly growing industry of the security world. P.S.A provides a wide range of private security and investigation services to meet each client”s specific needs. The company”s founder”s “Steve Henson President, and Eydie Henson Vice President. Predatorian continuously provides professional qualified security “7 days a week 365 days a year” for your security needs.


P.S.A services major industrial, commercial; higher education campuses, and private organizations; entertainment districts; and recreational establishments nationwide. Also available for medical and multi-story building services.


P.S.A”s team has over “53” years in active law enforcement which has earned an excellent reputation over the years because of the integrity and professionalism of its people; an unyielding commitment to customer service; the high quality of its employees and customers. Clearly, much of P.S.A”s success is attributable to the quality of its employees.

P.S.A writes security officer procedures and post instructions for training of security personnel and staff. We offer consultation when designing programs for clients, and a complete detailed plan of execution on of all of your security needs. P.S.A provides the best possible security for your money. Our services are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that a professional security agency is on-site and qualified security for your world.